For Everyone

These articles are for anyone interested in using ecotherapy to improve your life, or just interested in the general subject of ecopsychology, even if you aren’t an ecotherapist, a client or are not currently in therapy at all.

What is the Ecological Self? – an exquisite way to view yourself within your ecosystem and beyond.

Ways to Develop Your Ecological Self – how to be more in tune with the rest of nature and yourself.

Five Minute Ecotherapy – for those times when you need just a bit of nature-based stress relief.

The Restorative Powers of Quiet – whether in the wilderness or at home, here are some ways to reduce stress from noise pollution.

How is Nature Good For You? Let Me Count the Ways – a list of the physical and mental health benefits of going outside.

Grieving for Nature Lost – why it’s important to have space to grieve for extinct species, clearcut forests, and other destruction of nature.

Resilience in the Face of Climate Change – how can we deal with the worry, anxiety and other stressful emotions associated with climate change?

Ecopsychology in Defiance of Fear – why fear-based narratives over environmental issues make us less likely to act on them.

How to be Hopeful in the Time of Climate Change – concluding my mini-series on ecopsychology and climate change, here are concrete ways to foster hope instead of fear.

Ecopsychology and Self-Care – the seven pillars of self-care through the lens of ecopsychology.

Wilderness As Healing: A Comprehensive Survey of the Literature and Critical Analysis – an entire ecopsychology-related dissertation by Michael Gallo, PsyD, MSc.

Eco-Poetry: Mary Oliver’s “Wild Geese” – an ecopsychological examination of this beautiful message of forgiveness and our return to our place in nature