Welcome to Watershed Ecotherapy! This site is intended to offer resources for people interested in incorporating ecopsychology and ecotherapy into their lives.

Mental health practitioners and other professionals are invited to use the material on this site to help your clients and patients benefit from the healing properties of nature. Additionally, you may also wish to incorporate ecotherapy into your own self-care to help avoid vicarious trauma, burnout, and other potential risks of practicing the healing arts.

If you are someone currently receiving therapy and other mental health care, you may direct your therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist or other mental health care practitioner to this site to start a conversation on how ecotherapy can be used in your ongoing care.

Some of the resources, particularly those in the For Everyone section under Articles, are for anyone to use in their personal self-care, even if you are not currently receiving therapy or other mental health care.

I am always open to constructive feedback about this site, suggestions for resources, guest articles from experienced practitioners, and other useful content. If you have something you would like to share for the site, please see this page for more details.

Disclaimer: this site is not offered as professional mental health therapy or as a replacement for your current mental health care plan, to include any medications you may be taking. Please speak with your therapist or other mental health care practitioner about incorporating the material on this site into your ongoing care. Please do not contact me with questions about your mental health or treatment thereof.