Here you’ll find a growing repository of articles on ecopsychology, ecotherapy and related topics. I’ve divided them up into a few different categories:

For Ecotherapists – These articles are written for ecotherapists, as well as other professionals who would like to incorporate ecotherapy into their practices.

For Ecotherapy Clients – Whether you’re seeing an ecotherapist one on one, in a group setting, or at a retreat, or if you’re interested in having your therapist or other mental health care practitioner incorporate ecotherapy into your treatment, these articles are written for you.

For Everyone – These articles are for anyone interested in using ecotherapy to improve your life, or just interested in the general subject of ecopsychology, even if you aren’t an ecotherapist, a client or are not currently in therapy at all.

Book Reviews – While there’s a list of recommended books in the More Resources section, I’ve chosen to review some in more detail here.

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